Transition From Cigarettes To E-Cigarettes And E-Liquids

Everyone knows the statutory warning on the cigarette packs saying “cigarette smoking is injurious to health” but people continue to smoke and are not able to get over the addiction. The causes may psychological or physiological but it is extremely difficult to get over smoking may go to rehabilitation camps designed specifically for chain smokers where they are helped to get over smoking. There are many counseling centers opened in different parts of the world and their main aim is to make smokers come out of this dangerous habit. There are many chocolates sold in the market for cigarette smokers with artificial nicotine flavor which gives them a feeling of smoking cigarettes wholesale e liquidwhen chewed. There are also certain medicines in the form of tablets or a sticker available in the market which when consumed or stuck on the skin of the smoker creates an aversion for nicotine which helps the smoker to get over smoking.

Ill-effects of smoking are many times advertised in social Medias to make people realize the hazards of smoking and quit it. For people who are not able to quit smoking and are severely addicted to it, e cigarettes have come in the market which contains e liquid, a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine or its flavor which gives the feeling of smoking real cigarettes. Many shops now sell wholesale e liquid to cut the cost. Remember even smoking an e cigarette is harmful to your health.

Hazards Of Smoking

  • Smoking causes different types of cancer and in many cases, cancer is detected only in the third stage which is fatal.
  • Causes heart attack due to clogging of arteries, pulmonary lung infection and reduces oxygen supply to the body and can cause strokes in some people.
  • Results in hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol problem
  • Affects digestion and can cause liver damage.
  • Causes air pollution and affects the health of people around.
  • Affects thinking, analytical power and causes disturbance in sleep.